Oneliner Challenge 30 to 36 by Germán Gómez Herrera

by snout on 27-09-2005, 22:48
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

After sending us 10 entries to the Oneliner challenge two weeks ago, Germán Gómez Herrera sent us 7 more entries to the MRC Oneliner Challenge. Here is an overview of his submissions:


  • Bike - Press the spacebar as fast as you can and try to pass your opponent as often as you can. The game ends as soon as you run into your opponent, or when your opponent outruns you
  • Pickup - Catch the randomly placed characters without hitting the borders
  • Quit - Try to avoid running into the randomly appearing characters for as long as you can
  • Shot - Shoot as many flying targets as you can


  • Scroll - A simple vertical scroller. Enter the amount of lines you'd like to scroll


  • Charedit - A simple character editor. Type the character you'd like to edit, enter eight lines of eight 0's or 1's and enjoy the result
  • Editspr - A simple sprite editor. Enter eight lines of eight 0's or 1's and enjoy the result

The MRC Oneliner Challenge is an MSX-BASIC development contest in which a developer can create a game, demo, song or utility in only one line of BASIC. The winner will be rewarded with a special 3-in-1 MSX pen. Please send your one line MSX-BASIC entries to before September 28th, 23:59 CET if you want to join the challenge.

Relevant link: MRC Oneliner Challenge - Downloads