Oneliner Challenge 17 to 26 by Germán Gómez Herrera

by snout on 17-09-2005, 01:25
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Germán Gómez Herrera sent us no less than 10 entries (6 games, 1 demo, 3 utilities) to the MRC Oneliner Challenge, some based on previous entries. Here is an overview of his submissions:


  • Break - A break out clone in only one line of BASIC
  • Calc - Test your skills in algebra
  • Drive - An extended version of David Heremans's racer game.
  • Fire X - Try and hit the 'A' by shooting the 'X' with the spacebar. (It will all be clear when you run the game)
  • Letter - Test your typing skills
  • Liquid - Catch the falling liquid before it hits the floor!


  • Fire Art - Nice random fireworks art. Turbo BASIC version included for those without 7MHz/R800/patience.


  • Pixel - Extended version of 22 years ago A. Koene would have been proud of this. Use Q and W to change drawing color and S to quit the program
  • PSG - A nice PSG keyboard tool, use the MSX keyboard to produce nice sounds.
  • TXTPROC - A text editor! Controls: Cursors, BACKSPACE, RETURN and ESC do exactly what you'd expect them to do.

The MRC Oneliner Challenge is an MSX-BASIC development contest in which a developer can create a game, demo, song or utility in only one line of BASIC. The winner will be rewarded with a special 3-in-1 MSX pen. Please send your one line MSX-BASIC entries to before September 28th, 23:59 CET if you want to join the challenge.

Relevant link: MRC Oneliner Challenge - Downloads

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By Bart

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17-09-2005, 01:28

Holy moly! Great stuff Germán!

By BiFi

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17-09-2005, 10:29

I guess (s)he was bored Wink