The third entry for the MSXdev'08 has been announced. This time, the project comes from an all new MSX development group, Team-RyJuZo, a family-based team where Ryan (Father), Julian (son) and Renzo (son) have been months into the developing of tools and design to bring us a promising game during this edition of the contest.

As the team has announced in this forum thread, the project is planned to be a third part into the classic Konami saga Knightmare. Although an official third game already exists, Shalom, the team states that the RPG-turn of that last game of the saga did not really fit the essence of the earlier games, and so they want to offer their point of view on how this last game of the saga should have been done. We should expect Konami-quality on this entry, according to its authors, so better keep an eye on this one!

The MSXdev'08 is the MSX game releasing feast of the year. If you are a developer and want to join the fun just enter the contest: you have lots of months ahead to come up with an awesome game!

Relevant link: MSXdev'08