MSXdev'07: Lotus F3 announced

by wolf_ on 24-12-2007, 17:44
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Daniel Vik and Joyrex are known to cooperate on various unique productions, especially where it concerns stretching the boundaries of the MSX1. As of today, their latest effort has been made public: Lotus F3, an entry for the popular MSXdev'07 contest. This brand new racing game, along with details regarding the specifications, will obviously be released within six days! Patience is a virtue, but it's still itching!

Relevant link: MSXdev'07 website

Comments (7)

By Oscar

Guardian (582)

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24-12-2007, 18:41

Ueeeh! Thank god! MSX need racing games! LOL!

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9972)

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24-12-2007, 18:48

Top-view a la F1-Spirit, or 3D a la Hyper Rally? (Itch itch itch!)

By Ivan

Ascended (9305)

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25-12-2007, 02:39

3D a la Hyper Rally, please!!! Big smile

By Huey

Prophet (2687)

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25-12-2007, 11:46

I had a sneak peek at bussum. It's going to be great!

By LeandroCorreia

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27-12-2007, 21:09

So, is it 3D or top-view? Wink

By guantxip

Paragon (1603)

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27-12-2007, 23:07

Oscar do you imagine driving a Sport Honda Civic in MSX?Tongue

By ro

Scribe (4714)

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28-12-2007, 09:04

first person racing?