On January 7th, 2006, we started our quest for the most important MSX news of 2005. After a round of nominations, and five rounds of voting in our active MSX forum we started the grand finale with the 4 remaining newsposts on February 25th. After a fierce battle, in which MSXdev'05 took a well deserved lead at first, the poll has finally resulted in a tie after 237 votes. Both MSXdev'05 resulting in 21 new MSX1 games and the One Chip MSX news were considered to be the most important MSX news by you, our visitors. Infinite releasing 4motion reached a well deserverd third place. The final results of the best MSX news of 2005 megapoll look as follows:

  • 01. (37.55%) MSXdev'05 resulting in 21 new MSX1 games. For the second year in a row, the MSX1 game development competition MSXdev turned out to be a huge success. This year no less than 21 brand new MSX1 games were released. With MSXdev'06 just begun, and several promising projects already announced, who knows what the future might bring!
  • 01. (37.55%) One Chip MSX news (pre-ordering, second chance). In 2005, the first version of the long expected One Chip MSX was announced and available on pre-order. First in Japan only, but later the rest of the world could order One Chip MSX computers as well. Although an impressive amount of more than 3,400 devices were pre-ordered, ASCII decided to not produce the One Chip MSX, as they had put the bar on 5,000 pre-orders. The MSX community had given a clear signal that they would like to see improved, and more detailed specifications. MSX Association announced the One Chip MSX is to get a second chance in 2006, and instantly announced several improvements to its design. Although we are still eagerly awaiting a follow-up on this news, we assume to be hearing a lot more from this project in 2006 as well.
  • 03. (24.89%) Infinite releasing 4motion - The fresh MSX group (and MRC Challenge regulars) Infinite released the impressive engine with which they made the even more impressive demo's Sphere and Wings. The nominated 4motion demo engine brought a brand new style of demo's to the MSX community. With their recent final release of Universe Unknown (2nd place in MSXdev'05) and an upcoming game as an entry to MSXdev'06, we are sure that we haven't heard the last from Infinite either

So, all in all, it looks like we actually have three winners here, which all grabbed the attention of the MSX community in a unique way in 2006, and that are likely to do the very same this year.

Our new poll is for the MSX hardware and software collectors out there. We are curious to find out how much money you spent on your MSX hobby ever since 1983. Although you all will probably have to make rough estimations, and are likely to get a bit shocked to find out how costly your hobby has been, we hope you will vote as accurate as possible. Happy voting!

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06-05-2006, 18:44

With 69 votes in, you guyz have already spent -at least- 107.802 euro's on MSX in total. An average of 1562 bucks each. Sweet Smile