MSXart'06 - Status update

by snout on 30-07-2006, 20:10
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On January 20th, MSX Resource Center and MSX Café started MSXart'06. It's the fourth time this annual graphics contest is held, and the first time for MSX Resource Center to cooperate in its organization, adding a new MSX RPG style drawing contest to the challenge. So far, seven different wallpapers have been submitted and only one RPG style drawing. Here is an overview of the entries submitted so far:

As the amount of submissions so far has been on the low side (possible because you are all working very hard on your MSXdev'06 entries) we have decided to extend the MSXart'06 deadline to November 11th. By joining the challenge you can win a printed MSX Calendar of the year 2007 with the 12 best artworks sent in to MSXArt'06 and an MSX T-Shirt. You can send in your entries to (wallpapers) or (MSX drawings) and they will be added to both the MSX Resource Center and MSX Games Box. You can send in your entries until November 11th, 2006, 23:59 CET. Happy drawing!

Relevant link: MSXart'06 page at MSXcafé

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By snout

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30-07-2006, 20:28

Learned to type and upload properly, the wallpapers are actually downloadable now! ^_^

By Unicorn

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30-07-2006, 21:27

Aaargh! For future reference: it’s ‘Forces Beyond Empire’ (not Evil) by ‘The Unicorn Corporation’ (not Unicorn). Some screenshots have been published in one of the last issues of MSX Computer Magazine. Maybe, with the extended deadline and all, I could dig up some more GFX and even some BGM. But only if you rectify the names!

Oh, and I sure like the stuff the others send in, so keep it coming guys! Wink

By snout

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30-07-2006, 21:34


By msxgamesbox

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30-07-2006, 23:26

English homepage of wallpaper contest is:

By snout

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30-07-2006, 23:53

changed link! Smile

By Grauw

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31-07-2006, 00:34

None will fit on my 1680x1050 screen! Wink

Now I feel tempted to try and make something myself with my er, inferior graphix0rz skillz.