MSXart '07 Peach-Up entry

by wolf_ on 27-07-2007, 15:57
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MSXart'07 gallery on Passion MSX has been updated with new entry, made by Aleste. The image is a collection of Peach-Up ladies in their typical, revealing, outfits.

Relevant link: Peach-Up entry on PassionMSX (NSFW)

Comments (3)

By mth

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27-07-2007, 23:00

"not very revealing"? Not the words I would choose...

By RobertVroemisse

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27-07-2007, 23:16

Who is Aleste. That was my nickname for years Question

By wolf_

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27-07-2007, 23:19

Did you click the link first? Tongue

On the revealing thing: maybe I mixed up two expressions here. In dutch it's supposed to be 'weinig verhullende' .. what would that be? (edit: so, how's that!?)