MSX Resource Center goes Japan - report

by snout on 27-12-2003, 21:15
Topic: MRC

Earlier this month we already published the pictures taken on the trip to Japan, separated in a Nippon 2003 photoshoot with pictures taken in Tokyo and on the MSX fairs 'MSX Magazine Matsuri' and 'MSX Waku Waku Park' and a special Nippon 2003 - Computers photoshoot with pictures of the many (rare) MSX computers that were on display during the MSX Magazine Matsuri.

As of today you can also 'read all about it', as the in-depth report on the MSX Resource Center trip to Japan is online now. We hope you will enjoy reading about this special week in Japan.

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center goes Japan

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By Arjan

Paladin (719)

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27-12-2003, 21:21

cool stuff! Smile
btw what's a Miracle Drink?

By snout

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27-12-2003, 21:23

See the 7th picture of the Nippon 2003 photo shoot Tongue

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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27-12-2003, 21:47

"It took me a while to get things going, but it was a nice way to contribute to the MSX Magazine Matsuri as well."
Thanks to the internet and the late night activities of yours truly Smile