MSX Resource Center 2k2 - Fifth anniversary

by snout on 18-12-2007, 07:06
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Exactly five years ago the MSX Resource Center underwent a drastic metamorphosis, turning into the one-stop-MSX portal as we know it today. Although quite a few features were tweaked, added and improved since then the core of the website (and its general looks) have been the about same for five years now. Although the ASP-based site that ran about 2 years before we launched the current PHP-based website already was a great stepping stone that greatly boosted the activity on the domain, the big bang came with the launch of MRC 2k2 and its extremely active MSX forum.

Now, five years later, the statistics speak for themselves. Over 4.300 news posts, more than 90.000 forum posts in close to 5.900 different forum topics, more than 20.000 reactions to news posts, photo shoots and downloads and - as if it had to be this way - today the 4,000th member is very likely to sign up for an account on the MSX Resource Center today. And then we didn't even mention our visit-counts are going through the roof! Naturally, we could not have reached these amazing milestones without you, loyal MSX fans and MRC visitors. Special thanks go out to all the people actively developing MSX (related) software, hardware and other media and to all those (former) MRC crew members who played a role in making MRC to what it is today.

And the future? Well... very recently MRC founder/guru Sander Van Nunen was spotted on MRC HQ running around with some sketches and designs and, after taking it a bit easier for more than a year now snout seems to be preparing for a few weeks of 24/7 coding in total seclusion. A big, bad wolf_ is on their tails and all the MRC Crew Members are eagerly awaiting to see the first drafts of what is to become MRC 2k8.

Mind you, we could really do with some extra hands in the MRC crew! Especially in the Portuguese, Russian and Dutch translation teams - but an extra news poster or two would certainly come in handy as well. If you think you have what it takes (and it takes a bit of spare time, some motivation and a good team spirit) why don't you consider joining our team? A huge audience of MSX fans around the world is eagerly awaiting your contributions to the MRC and... you will be among the first to see the newly restyled MRC take shape! More information about becoming an MRC crew member can found right here.

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center 2k2 - original announcement

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By wolf_

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18-12-2007, 11:57

"big"... said the elephant.. Tongue

By wolf_

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18-12-2007, 15:16

By snout

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18-12-2007, 15:35

Congratulations to Jiahsuan from Taiwan for registering MRC account no. 4,000! :)