MSX Resource Center: 2,500 newsposts

by snout on 22-02-2005, 12:23
Topic: MRC

A bit more than 6 months ago we reached the 2,000 newspost milestone. Yesterday, we already reached the next barrier: as of February 21st, 2005, no less than 2,500 newsposts can be found in the MRC News Archive, most of which were published after the dynamic MSX Resource Center was introduced on May 17th, 2000.

In those days, it was not unusual to have 10 to 20 newsposts a month. Due to the highly increased activity of the MSX community, the MSX revival, developments in emulation, remakes and other MSX related activities we have been posting an average of 2 to 3 newsposts per day on the MRC for over 2 years now. We'd like to thank everybody who ever contributed to submitting, or creating, news, keeping the MSX community alive.

Of course there's a lot more action going on at the MRC than news alone. By registering an account you can join the many discussions on our MSX forum, post reactions to news, photo shoots, reviews, fair reports and other articles, vote to our polls, browse our ever growing MSX contacts list (where you can find contact information of more than 850 MSX users around the world) and much more. So, if you had not already done so, why don't you register an account right now and show the MSX community you're out there!

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22-02-2005, 13:17

Cheeeeeeers! Big smile