MSX Morality poll down, game genre poll up

by Jorito on 07-07-2012, 19:06
Topic: MRC
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As it's high time for a new poll, it's also time to say goodbye to our current poll. This time, the votes were on who morally owns MSX and its future. After 89 votes, the results are in:

  • Kay Nishi (14.6%)
  • We, the scene (85.4%)

So, a vast majority thinks MSX is morally finally ours. What could this mean? It's up to the scene to guard and protect the endurance of the MSX phenomenon. If the scene wants to walk way from the original path and create something entirely new for it, it should be free to decide accordingly. Perhaps new developments would mean that the original intentions of Kay Nishi don't hold up much anymore. According to this poll, we should be morally entitled to do so.

Naturally, this is only an idealistic paragraph. If anyone wants to invent something new for MSX, there's still the issue of 'who owns what', making it hard for developers to decide what hardware to support. But other than that, limiting hardware development at its deepest core level because it steers away from Nishi's original intentions, seems not much of a problem these days.

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to something less philosophic. This time, we're interested in your favorite game genre on MSX. If you select 'other', feel free to point out your favorite genre in the comments!

If you have a good suggestion for the next poll on MRC, feel free to submit your suggestions through the contact form.

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