MSX Forum: 75,000 forum posts

by snout on 30-01-2007, 23:29
Topic: MRC

A few days ago we reached a special milestone in our active MSX Forum. 18 months after receiving the 50,000th post on our MSX forum we have reached the next milestone: a whopping 75,000 forum posts divided over 4,833 different topics in 16 different categories. With hundreds of active MSX users (experts and newbies) contributing, our forum has become the most active MSX discussion board in the world which has boosted - amongst others - such developments as SymbOS, VScreen, Meridian and the continuation of implementing improvements in Oracle. Thanks go out to all who have posted in our forum over the past few years. To those who haven't (for a while), don't be shy and join in!

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By wolf_

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30-01-2007, 23:36

Face 75000
Hannibal easy B.A., easy..