MSX Downloads Charts - June 2007

by snout on 01-07-2007, 00:13
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A new month has just begun, so lets have a look at the MSX Downloads Charts - our monthly overview of which files from our freeware MSX downloads corner have been downloaded the most in the past month. In June 2007, the entries submitted to the MEGA Challenge did very well. Ball Quest tops the charts with a respectable 201 downloads, but both 64x48 entries (Evolution 2 and 3072) caught a lot of attention as well. Also a few of the songs recently released by MoA have found their way to the charts. Here's the complete MSX downloads charts of June 2007:

MSX downloads Top 10 - June 2007

  1. Ball Quest (201 downloads)
  2. 3072 (118 downloads)
  3. SymbOS MSX (100 downloads)
  4. Evolution 2 (92 downloads)
  5. Long time no see (72 downloads)
  6. 666 The Haunted House (53 downloads)
  7. Rick Dangerous (51 downloads)
  8. PCM Encoder (51 downloads)
  9. Deltree (50 downloads)
  10. YS2 - Ice Ridges of Noltia (49 downloads)

MSX Related downloads Top 5 - June 2007

  1. Metal Gear 1 (128 downloads)
  2. Three phase fade (106 downloads)
  3. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake introdemo (83 downloads)
  4. Kings Valley 2 (78 downloads)
  5. Maze of Galious - Castle (57 downloads)

For a Top 25 of overall download statistics please have a look to our statistics page. Currently, our database contains 853 freeware MSX downloads. If you'd like to share your productions with the MSX community, send them to Happy downloading!

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12-07-2007, 23:01

PCM Encoder still on the edge

By Huey

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13-07-2007, 09:24

Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

@ARTRAG: I was waiting for that reply for some day now Big smile Wink

By Manuel

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13-07-2007, 16:04

3072 and Ball Quest are doing really well! Great to see that Smile