MRC2K11 Introduction video and presentation

by Sander on 16-10-2011, 23:04
Topic: MRC

MRC2K11: our new website that's already two and a half years in the making. Our guests yesterday finally had the chance to see what's coming. During the presentation we also showed a great introduction video made by Strafefox, with music provided by Wolf, which showed some of the new layout and features. Unfortunately we still have some bugs to smash but we hope to launch the new portal somewhere during the next few weeks. We have put the Strafefox video and our website presentation online for everybody who couldn't make it to Event Eleven.  

Relevant links: The Strafefox video, The presentation of MRC2K11

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By konamiman

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17-10-2011, 08:34

So, it will be more like MRC2K12... Tongue

Looks nice, and I love especially the idea of having a wiki.

By Huey

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17-10-2011, 08:51

Good to know Xelpud is helping behind the screens. His MSX knowledge is Legend.Running Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of Flowers

By ro

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17-10-2011, 09:46

the video is great, I LOVE that intro Smile
thanx for publishing

By Lord_Zett

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17-10-2011, 17:46

first seen now he images about the site. but damn i do not like it. to many info to many colors.

By KdL

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17-10-2011, 18:55

nice!! Smile a new step to have MSX forever into the future! LOL!