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by snout on 16-06-2005, 02:38
Topic: MRC

At the end of January we sent the 12th edition of the MSX Resource Center newsletter to the MRC members who subscribed to this service. At this very moment, the thirteenth edition of the MRC newsletter is being sent out, which means the time has come to add the previous edition to the archive of MSX newsletters.

Newsletter 13 contains an overview and a summary of the tremendous amount of MSX news we have reported about during the past few months.

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Relevant link: MSX Resource Center - Newsletter 12

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By sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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16-06-2005, 07:10

Just wondering why the new Moonsound serie is not mentioned.
Obsonet you can mention everytime but still no sign of a second serie

By snout

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16-06-2005, 13:10

The MRC newsletter tries to give a summary of the most important news we posted about since the last newsletter. This time we had almost 400 newsposts to pick from, so we had to make a selection. During this period we did not report on the second batch of Moonsounds, however, making it automatically impossible to write about it in the newsletter. Please keep in mind that, although we -try- to find all MSX news ourselves, the only way to make sure we report about your news is to submit it yourself by e-mail or (better yet) the submit news option that appears after you have logged in. Don't be shy! Smile

By sunrise

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16-06-2005, 20:12

But what about the Obsonet. I know it has nothing to do with the newsletter directly but I have spoken to Daniel Berdugo but if i read his words I can only say that they say we need to get spareparts and I warned him several times for that.
So maybe Konamiman can tell us how they get the sellings for the numerous people waiting for it on track again.