Motion control poll down, MSX control poll up!

by snout on 19-12-2010, 20:54
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Almost exactly a month ago we launched a barely MSX-related poll on Motion control systems. We wondered what would be the platform of choice for MSX users. With 45 votes, these are the results:

  1. Nintendo Wii (51.11%)
  2. Microsoft Kinect (26.67%)
  3. Playstation Move (22.22%)

A clear win for Nintendo, the first to introduce a game platform with motion controls -- and the only brand in the poll that had no involvement in MSX whatsoever. Does the MSX community still carry a grudge towards Microsoft and Sony? ;)

Our new poll is a lot more MSX related - yet still all about controls. This time we wonder how you prefer to control your games on your real MSX (what else!). Back in the days, it was common to use a joystick, and it can be argued that for Konami's Nemesis/Gradius series there is an advantage of having the 'M' option in a comfortable place on your joystick. But, as time passes by, your joystick gets broken, or it gets lost when moving places, or you've sold it. In short, there may be a reason why you don't have one today and you may have grown used to the keyboard to play games. This is what the poll is about; looking back, what's the best way to control games on an MSX?

We're always on the look out for new poll ideas, which is a tough job! If you have an idea for a interesting poll, send your idea to and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

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Comments (2)

By FiXato

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26-12-2010, 15:42

"and the only brand in the poll that had no involvement in MSX whatsoever"
I don't quite agree there.. Didn't Nintendo develop several games for the MSX as well? For instance at least Donkey Kong?

The involvement might not have been great, but there still was some...

By hap

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26-12-2010, 17:16

I doubt it, here's my assumption: published by Ocean, who bought Donkey Kong porting rights from Nintendo (probably just for the European home computer market), and Ocean contracted Sentient Software to develop it.

Clear? Tongue