Most important MSX News of 2003 [finale]

by snout on 16-01-2004, 00:15
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After four rounds of voting in our forums the time has come for the finale of the 'most important MSX news of 2003' mega-poll. The visitors of our forums selected the following four newsposts, on which you can now vote on our frontpage:

20th anniversary of MSX - Last year the MSX computer system standard celebrated its 20th anniversary. The anniversary was celebrated with a 20th anniversary demo and the MSXDev'03 Competition.

MRC Snowfall Challenge - The first programming contest of the MSX Resource Center turned out to be a huge success. In a little more than a month, 25 Snowfall demo's were created by MSX developers all over the world. Friday night, the winners of the prizes will be announced. All demo's will be judged by the MRC admins and... Wammes Witkop.

openMSX goes Moonsound - The most accurate and advanced MSX emulator around got quite a lot better last year. One of the most significant additions was the emulation of the Sunrise Moonsound soundcard. Looking at this forum topic, maybe this year openMSX will support the GFX9000 video card as well!

Vscreen (Platform Game Engine) - MSX users never saw it coming. Maggoo surprised the entire MSX Community with a universal platform game engine, intended for beginning and novice MSX developers who would like to create their own high-quality platform games. Although a lot of features can still be added to the engine (post your suggestions here), the results are already amazing. The current version comes with two different graphics sets and a nice level to try things out.

So, which one of these was the most important MSX newspost of 2003? That's up to you to decide. Please vote to the poll on our frontpage!

In our previous poll we asked: What do your friends think of your love for MSX? A large majority, 49.18% of the 122 voters, let us know that their friends do not understand why they like MSX so much. 27.87% have a weird sense of humor, voting for the 'Friends?' option. 13.11% of our visitors are in good company: they have friends that like MSX as well. 9.84% of our visitors are ashamed about their love for MSX, and don't tell their friends about it. Ah well, it was nice to have a funny poll for a change, don't you think? Happy voting!