MG-MRC update

by snout on 18-10-2002, 15:45
Topic: MRC

10 days ago, the first version of MG-MRC posted its first message on #msx. MG-MRC is an IRC bot that gives the visitors of MSX-related IRC-channels information on the latest news.Today, a new version of MG-MRC was installed, allowing our team to do remote administration. More important however, the bot now works on multiple IRC networks. Also, a new command was added to its features. The bot now listens to the command '!latestnews', showing the subjects and links to the 3 latest news posts.

If you would like to talk about MSX with active MSX users, visit #msx on the undernet with Mirc. On the same network, you will find #msxbr which aims at Brazilian MSX users. On another IRC network, Dalnet, there is an MSX channel dedicated to MSX developers, called #msxdev. MG-MRC is present in all these channels.If you want to chat on #msx without installing extra software, visit The webmaster of this site just installed a Web to IRC script which connects to this channel right away.