Merii Kurisumasu, Japanese for Merry Christmas (who said Japanese was hard? :P), is the 14th contribution to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. Alfonso D.C. created a nice looking MSX1 demo with a logo and a snow-effect. You can download the demo from our downloads database. All other Snowfall entries are listed in this section.

If you want to create a snowfall demo for MSX too, or if you are working on one, you can win one of the prizes listed here. Be sure to send your submission to before January 5th, 23:59 CET.

Relevant link: Merrii Kurisumasu

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06-01-2004, 03:42

Great PSG musics (!!!) and nice snowfall, if you haven't watched this, then do it now!

By dioniso

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06-01-2004, 20:02

Thanks, NYYRIKKI. The music is just a little intro-music, as you could see (hear?), with a SID effect for the bass, 6 and 4 interrupts samples for the drums and a little sample for the third channel. I didn't work enough on it though it'k OK for this little demo.

There are 104 snowflakes (72 characters + 32 sprites, I have counted them right now) falling in a 256*88 pixels area.

MSX1+PSG+50Hz. This was the beginning, so don't forget it. If you have an MSX, you can be sure that whatever you code for it, it will be 100% compatible with all MSX computers, everybody will see it and everybody will hear it (I think this was the main purpose of the creation of the MSX).

If you liked the small piece of music maybe you would like to hear the music of Penguin Race, from the MSXDev'03.

Regards, and thanks again.