Foreign MSX fair poll down, Best MSX Demo Ever megapoll finale up!

by snout on 15-03-2008, 14:30
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For a bit more than a month we ran a poll in which we asked "Would you visit a foreign MSX fair/meeting?". With 364 votes in, the results are as follows:

  1. No (33.24%)
  2. Yes, but to my neighbor country is far enough (25.82%)
  3. Yes, worldwide (20.88%)
  4. Yes, as long as it's on my continent (20.05%)

It is hard to say what to tell from the poll results, however, as most votes went to the option "No", whereas a majority of 66% of the voters are prepared to travel at least to some extent to visit an MSX fair - provided it is interesting enough to visit, of course. All in all one could say that although the days of large scale international MSX fairs are behind us, one could certainly attract some (more) foreign visitors to MSX fairs around the world.

Our new frontpage poll for the next month is the grand finale of the "Best MSX Demo Ever" megapoll, which started on February 3rd, 2008. Out of 71 nominees - and after 6 rounds of voting in our active MSX forum - the following 4 great MSX demo's have made it to the finale:

Two great mega-demo's from the good old scene days from the 1990s competing against two recent and fantastic achievements from the modern 'revival' years. All worth having a look at, and a tough choice by all standards. The poll will run until April 13th, every single vote counts so don't hesitate and let us know your opinion! Happy Voting!

Relevant link: Would you visit a foreign MSX fair/meeting? - Poll results

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By SLotman

Paragon (1242)

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15-03-2008, 23:10

For those wiliing to visit fairs "far, far away..." dont miss MSX Rio this year.

If VDU blew you away last year, this year (probably in May) you'll have a heart attack - something truly outstanding is in the works... Wink

By SLotman

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20-03-2008, 09:48

As I said earlier... click ;)

By Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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20-03-2008, 13:40

2 V9990 AND 2 V9958 !!! LOL! This is sick man !

Can't even imagine all that can be done with that... But it sounds awesome. BTW, how much would a board like this cost ?