Downloads Top 10; December 2006

by snout on 01-01-2007, 13:08
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month and a new year, so high time for a new Downloads Top 10. Usually we would start the year with an overall top 10, but as that list is now permanently available at our statistics page we only do a Top 10 of the past month this time. A top 10 in which Wolf_'s mp3 remakes are still going strong, the new and amazing SymbOS ranks high and - suprisingly - the great MSX1 demo Waves is back in the charts. That and more, in our downloads top 10 of December 2006:

  1. Metal Gear 1 (mp3) (115 downloads)
  2. SymbOS MSX (104 downloads)
  3. Waves (93 downloads)
  4. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake introdemo (mp3) (75 downloads)
  5. Kings Valley 2 (mp3) (68 downloads)
  6. ROMLOAD (65 downloads)
  7. Maze of Galious - Castle (mp3) (49 downloads)
  8. Rick Dangerous (47 downloads)
  9. PCM Encoder (47 downloads)
  10. SD Galious (wallpaper) (39 downloads)

Currently, our database contains 835 freeware MSX downloads. If you'd like to share your productions with the MSX community, send them to Happy downloading!

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01-01-2007, 19:40

Hmm... I think you should consider making 2 different download top lists... One for MSX games and programs and one for MSX related stuff like MP3, wallpapers and movies.

By Manuel

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02-01-2007, 12:46

Yeah, I agree! It would be a valuable refinement.

By snout

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02-01-2007, 18:43

Hmmm... the previous top 10 lists we decided to 'see what happens' in the similar discussion. I'll watch the stats next month to see if we really need an 'MSX' and non-MSX download list. Until then: DOWNLOAD MORE PROPER MSX STUFF FROM OUR DATABASE YOU SODS!! Tongue Running Naked in a Field of Flowers