Donation - now possible in 3 currencies

by snout on 08-06-2003, 14:37
Topic: MRC

On february 20th we introduced the donation service which allowed MSX Resource Center fans to send us a financial contribution. THe MSX Resource Center foundation uses these donations to pay for the increasing costs of hosting our website, for visiting fairs and - if possible - to support MSX Related projects. We would like to thank the people who have already donated money to us. It are these donations - and the contributions of the MRC staff of course - that allow the MRC to increase activity in the future.

Until now it was only possible to send us money in Euro's. From now on you can also donate money in US dollars or Japanese Yens. If you want to send us some financial support, check this page. Of course, you can also support us by delivering contents like news posts, forum posts, articles, links and files for our freeware downloads database. Even if these files are already located somewhere else on the web, we are more than willing to add them to our freeware database as well.

Relevant link: Donate to the MRC