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by Sander on 23-08-2003, 14:24
Topic: MRC

Everybody knows it: there are times in your life that you need to stand up for yourself! Sometimes you need to let other people know what you want and what you like. For people who love to visit this site and charish that old MSX feeling we all have: we've made it easy for you!

Now it's possible to order some MSX.ORG branded goods at the Cafepress store. Show who you are! Make some heads turn in awe, and let people try to find out what that cool shirt or bag stands for! If you go shopping there, please note that most items also have cool and bigger designs on the back of them. (Please click on "view larger images" under each product to get a better picture).

All designs are made in the highest resolution possible the cafepress system accepted. This insures that your ordered items will look cool, sharp and bright, instead of cheap, blurry and blocky.

We will try to update the store with new products and designs on a regular basis. If you have ideas or remarks don't hesitate to post them in the MSX.ORG forum.

You can access our page at Cafepress when you click on the "Merchandise" link in the left menu.

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By Sander

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23-08-2003, 14:36

Please note that you will NOT find any MSX logos on our t-shirts. There are a few reasons for this:

1) We do not own the MSX trademark. That's the MSX Association who does.
2) We don't know what the costs would be to include the MSX logo, but it will probably increase the price a lot.
3) We think our logo is cool as hell too. Smile