Changes at our site

by snout on 28-04-2002, 12:15
Topic: MRC

In the past few days we made some changes to the code of our site to make things work a little better.From now on, when you login at our site, you will automatically remain logged in for a year. This way you don't have to log in anymore everytime you want to submit news or a link, post a topic in our forum, etc. If you signed up as a user a long time ago, and forgot your password, you can always retrieve your password when you still know your username. Of course you can change your password and several other settings as well when you are logged in. We highly reccommend you to change the random-generated password to one you generated yourself.

Furthermore we have updated some ASP routines. Due to some database changes it was hardly possible to sign up as a new member of the MSX Resource Center. No you can easily join us again!