Best MSX news of 2004 [round 4]

by snout on 20-01-2005, 00:07
Topic: MRC
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After three rounds of voting in our busy MSX forum, there are 8 newsposts left competing for the title 'Best MSX news of 2004'. The exciting third round gathered no less than 28 votes. As of now you can all cast your votes for the fourth round, during which will be decided which 4 newsposts will move on to compete on the frontpage poll.

The fourth round closes at January 24th, 23:59 CET, so make sure you register an account (if you had not already done so), log in and cast your votes right here before that date. Happy voting!

Relevant link: Most important MSX news of 2004 [round 4]

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By snout

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23-01-2005, 03:06

Keep in mind, you have about 21 hours left to vote. Things are VERY tense at the moment. I said it many times, but EVERY SINGLE FRIGGING VOTE COUNTS! Don't be shy, vote! Vote! Smile