Best MSX-MUSIC game song ever [round 3]

by snout on 18-11-2003, 00:24
Topic: MRC
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With only 10 songs and 3 rounds to go, things are really getting excited in our current mega-poll: our quest for the best MSX game song ever. Two of the following 10 game songs made for the MSX-MUSIC (FM-PAC) will battle two SCC songs and two PSG songs in a frontpage poll:

  • Aleste 2 [Stage 3]
  • Dragon Slayer VI [intro]
  • Feedback [intro]
  • Fray [Introdemo, final part]
  • Illusion City [Introdemo, part 2]
  • Psycho world [intro]
  • Undeadline [Full intro]
  • Xak 1 [Introdemo]
  • Xak Tower of Gazzel [Introdemo part 3]
  • Xak Tower of Gazzel [i17]

It is up to you to decide which songs will move on to the next round. If you want to listen to all nominated MSX-MUSIC game songs, check out MSX Radio. Don't forget to submit your votesheet before November 19th, 23:59 CET.

Relevant link: Best MSX-MUSIC game song ever [round 3]

Comments (5)

By cax

Prophet (3736)

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18-11-2003, 18:28

It's very sad, but this live365 site don't work for me.
I personally tried 2 hours to listen on 2 various PCs, tried 4 different players and settings, registered on live365, and still have no sound.

This is the 3rd time I spend my time to solve this, but I can't hear the tunes, and, of course, I can't vote.
Most voters already know most of the tracks because they played all those games, so they can vote without listening.

I'd like the poll organizers to think about other possibilities next time.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9865)

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18-11-2003, 18:51

Microcabin tunes can be heard in the bgm players called Imagine 1 & 2 (hence the I##)

and generally, this is a poll about music in msx games.. so why not simply play the game in an emulator?

By cax

Prophet (3736)

cax's picture

18-11-2003, 19:53

to wolf_:

I agree, playing the game is an option, but when the voting starts, it's not a good time to start playing game - there is no chance to hear music from advanced levels or endings, for all the listed games.

Also, as you probably know, in these polls there is always a problem - to identify the song by it's name, because there can be more than one tune per level, intro, ending, etc.

About replayers: 10x for pointing this out, if all the nominated tunes have this magic number, this really helps, but still won't let me to hear songs not covered by replayers or having no specified number.

TOO MUCH work for just listening. Hours I spent on trying to hear the radio are better be spend on other things that work for sure.

By ro

Scribe (4382)

ro's picture

19-11-2003, 11:54

Same here, tried the broadcast few times... it fucks up my explorer (I reinstall my pc every once in a few months and tried the msx radio every time agian.. no such luck)
Still am a big favorite for the mp3zz which ara as (il)legal as the broadcast imo

By snout

Ascended (15184)

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19-11-2003, 12:20

Live365 is legal since Live365 pays royalties to those organizations who handle royalties for artits. (Hmm that was a weird sentence Tongue).