The 80s poll down, Pac-Man poll up

by wolf_ on 14-09-2009, 22:15
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Quite a while ago already we started a poll about what you miss the most from the 80's, apart from MSX. It's high time to seal this one and continue with a new poll. Before we hop on to the new poll question, let's have a look at the outcome of the 80's poll. After 65 votes, here is the outcome:

  • The music - 52.31%
  • The TV-series - 23.08%
  • The movies - 13.85%
  • The hairdos - 6.15%
  • The clothing - 4.62%

More than half the votes went to the music. Not surprisingly perhaps. The 80's was the era where analogue synthesizers (and later on FM-synthesizers) got cheaper. This revolution has meant that more and more people could afford these cheap means of production. As a result, the synthesizers were everywhere, replacing the more traditional acoustic instruments of the decades that preceded these highly popular 80's era. In the 90's, samplers got cheaper and its memory increased: the sound of acoustic instruments returned to pop music. With the bright and unnatural tones of the analogue and FM-synthesizers disappearing (and let's not forget what impact certain drum machines made on the tone of the 80's), so did the sound of the 80's. And with this piece of significant music technology history, we'll wave the 80's goodbye..

..only to stay there, as the subject of our next poll is as retro as it can possibly be! This next poll is a simple one, a silly poll perhaps, but judging some of the related videos you see on YouTube, not everyone seems to agree on it. We're talking about Pac-Man! More specific: we're talking about pills. When playing Pac-Man, what is your strategy when eating the large pills? Have one, and cast your vote!

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