60Hz poll down, MSX.org poll up!

by snout on 03-10-2012, 10:45
Topic: MRC

During the past weeks we asked whether or not the display device on your real MSX hardware supports 60Hz. After 90 votes cast it's time for a new poll, but not before we look at the results of the 60Hz poll first:

  1. Yes (87.8%)
  2. No 7.8%)
  3. I don't have a real MSX (4.4%)

As you can see, the vast majority of MSX users - or at least the users that voted on this poll - support 60Hz nowadays. It would therefore make sense to develop games, music and demos for this mode, but best practice would still be offering a fallback to 50Hz for those who really cannot handle 60Hz.

In our new poll we would like to know what your favorite section of the MSX Resource Center is. Of course, we hope you like more than one section on our website (preferably all of them), but which one do you like the most? Think about it and let us know. Happy voting!

Relevant link: Can the display device of your real MSX handle 60Hz mode? - Poll results