The Flying Luna Clipper movie

The Flying Luna Clipper movie

by Pac on 07-04-2017, 19:50
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Little is known about this animation movie produced by Sony and directed by Ikko Ono in October 1987.
Checking on the net very few information is provided on movie databases but according to the Japanese MSX Magazine we know it was released in 8mm, Beta, VHS and Laser Disc formats at the price of 8,800¥. It is worth mention that Ikko Ono was one of the illustrators of the MSX Magazine.

For us the most remarkable thing about this production is not the storyline plenty of peculiar characters and situations but the usage of an MSX2 computer for graphics plus some post-production process for additional content, effects and sound improvements.

Although the subject is not recent (December 2015), thanks to the Víctor Navarro's site today we have known more about this movie. There you can find a link to The Attract Mode website, the guys who could obtain a copy and preserve a rip of this movie from a Laser Disc found in a second hand store. An interesting article divided in two pages, part 1 and part 2.

We can also find some pages covering the subject on the old MSX Magazine and new MSX Magazine Revival Vol.2.

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Comments (10)

By Pac

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07-04-2017, 19:53

Thanks ghost_jp for your help. Wink

By mtn

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08-04-2017, 09:59

Fascinating, strange, awesome. Feels like a special 55 minute demo almost

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

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08-04-2017, 14:01

very nicely designed. I especially like the color palettes Smile

By supmsx

Master (158)

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08-04-2017, 20:30


By wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

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09-04-2017, 15:15

Just finished watching this. It is quite possibly the most bizarre, inexplicable movie I have ever seen in my life. Reminded me of the Star Wars Holiday Special, only with less explanation as to why it exists.

I do not regret watching it. But I think I need to go to sleep now. Wink


By Pippo

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09-04-2017, 20:10

I saw a little.... is extraordinary! Big smile

By Louthrax

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09-04-2017, 22:41

One of the most f#cked up thing I've ever watched Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By BiT

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27-05-2020, 23:24

Great movie! Strange, bizarre but relaxing in some way. There is a lot of work put into this movie. Here you can see what the MSX2 was really capable off in 1987! Would love to see a remake with Moonsound music and sfx in it though! Big smile

By gingerbeardman

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09-09-2022, 17:19

The creator of this movie, Ikko Ohno, is revitalised and very excited for MSX3! He has been digitising lots of unseen old MSX work in preparation.

- His post on Facebook
- My post on Twitter

By Pac

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10-09-2022, 17:27

Thank you for sharing. Good to know that old MSX staff is involved again. I think some V9938 designer took part in the development of MSX3.