MSX in the Media Challenge 2: 20th nominee

by snout on 03-03-2005, 15:13
Topic: Media

The English gaming magazine GamesTM usually pay a lot of attention to retrogaming. Of course, MSX is bound to be mentioned sooner or later. In the previous edition of GamesTM, there were no less than 3 articles mentioning MSX, which were - of course - added to the list of nominees of the MSX in the Media Challenge.

The most recent edition of GamesTM mentions MSX as well, in an article on the history of Metal Gear. In fact, in this 4 page article on Hideo Kojima's masterpiece, MSX gets mentioned no less than 9 times. Needless to say, this article has been added to the list of nominees as well.

Did you see more about this event in other media? Did you get or spot MSX in the media? Let us know by sending a mail to and we'll add it to the list of nominees.

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