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by [DK] on 04-10-2008, 13:47
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The leading videogames website for the Spanish market, MeriStation, just published an article about Konami's Knightmare saga on MSX. This article appears as one of the first entries in a section called Back to the Past, dedicated to retro games and published at weekends. This section appears in the splash home page of the site and normally consists of seven to nine pages. Examples of previous entries in this section are Super Mario World, Ghouls 'n Ghosts and the Donkey Kong Country saga.

The entire site is in Spanish. However, the quality of the article and the section is superb and it is worth translating it in your language for reading. It does not only cover the Knightmare saga, but it also mentions other excellent MSX games from the 80's and 90's, as well as mentioning some of the remakes done by Braingames - focusing on the Maze of Galious remake.

Relevant link: MeriStation

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09-10-2008, 19:40

It´s reallya a pity that this article is not avaliable in english.It´s very well made and introduces to all people the way Konami broke trough MSX its own barriers creating some of the most celebrated games of our time.

Worths it and the author of this article really touches you when you´re reading it.

Great for!

By wolf_

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09-10-2008, 23:18

Heh, I think there are enough Spanish people who would be able to make a translation, to be put onto our forum.. Face

By cesco

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10-10-2008, 14:22

Speaking about articles in foreign languages, on this website: there's a quite long article written in Italian about the good old SKOOTER; in the article there're many information about the MSX1 game, about its unofficial clone named HABILIT as well as an interview with Leandro Correia, author of a remake of the game.

For example, did you know that RONALD PIEKET WEESERIK, the developer of Skooter, is also the author of Ninja Warriors, Silkworm, Rodland and SWIV for the Amiga, as well as one of the authors behind Die Hard Trilogy for the Sega Saturn and Mercenaries for the Playstation 2 ?