Zemmix Neo by Retroteam Neo

Zemmix Neo by Retroteam Neo

by JohnHassink on 03-06-2013, 08:33
Topic: Hardware

Zemmix Neo is an MSX2+ compatible design by Korean hardware team Retroteam Neo. Only 100 units were manufactured, but this project provides an interesting example of what can be the result when creative minds get inspired by the MSX standard. Some more info can be found in this forum thread.

Relevant link: LASTFANTASY

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03-06-2013, 10:45

It would have been neat looking toy to have... Unfortunately the option to buy has already long gone.

By Ivan

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05-06-2013, 23:31


It would have been neat looking toy to have... Unfortunately the option to buy has already long gone.

Sad Evil

By mygodess

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07-06-2013, 04:51

We tried to get license as many as we could but we couldn't.
In Korea, there were the company named QNIX computer but they bankrupted long ago.
We heard some news about a company named Moris Design got the right of the font and
others but we have no contact point.

The company named ITNY has "MSX Licensing Corporation" as Affillated company
cause we tried to contact with them. However, we failed to send any inquery.
(http://www.itny.ne.jp/en/network.html http://www.itny.ne.jp/jp/network.html)

We tried to contact "D4 Enterprise" to get the license for OCM but they never answered.
(http://www.d4e.co.jp/company - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1chipMSX)

D4 Enterprise sold out 1chip msx long time ago, cause we could not make any problem to
them. Anyways, we tried to contact to get the license to sell or modify it.

There are not many ways to contact the company which has license because MSX has not
made for many years. If there is any ways to contact with the people who have license,
please let us know.

PS. We used "retro game site" for getting order, this project was just for 'limited'.
We didn't have any choice to get the order via 'email' or 'message' because it could not
devide who is faster. Cause we barrowed the shopping mall web site just for limited time.
If there is some guys who doesn't like the expression 'sold out', we hope you understand
this situation.

By luppie

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03-06-2014, 00:21

Wow, already one Year Zemmix NEO. Enjoyed it every day. In fact I sold my OCM, because I like the Zemmix more.

By Lord_Zett

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03-06-2014, 00:40

it looks better. I have seen your nice rainbow mod zemmix neo

By Spider

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12-03-2018, 03:31