Z80 made out of glass

by snout on 22-10-2002, 10:46
Topic: Hardware

Source: RetroPC

SEL (a semiconductor research institute) and Sharp managed to create an 8 bit Z80-processor printed on a glass substrate, using Continuous Grain technology. This glass substrate is also used in LCD displays.

The CG silicone technology is developed by both companies in 1998, and is said to be the next-generation technology for silicon-processors. This technology allows systems to get faster, smaller and lighter whilst even reducting power-consumption. The final goal is to create a 'single sheet' computer containing a CPU, memory, compression/extension unit, and the liquid crystal display (LCD) itself on the glass substrate.

So, the Z80 CPU which has been around since 1976, revives again in a different form! Check the relevant link for a picture of the chip.