The Dutch MSX Hardware manufacturers SuperSoniqs updated their web shop and sell some new and restocked hardware. One of their new products is the long awaited Stereo ePSG device called Darky. New batches of existing hardware like the Neotron is being produced as we speak.

The MSX scene has plenty of hardware extensions available, old and new ones. And mostly established extensions, like MSX Music and V9990 clones. The folks at SuperSoniqs often take a different approach and look beyond that, and so far have come up with some interesting electronics. Even a simple device like a slot expander, called the Modulon, got some nifty extras like volume control per slot.

Take the Doramus Drum Interface, for example. A little piece of hardware for Guitar Hero Drums. The Doramus Drum Interface for Guitar Hero Drums makes it possible to finally experience the Doramus music rhythm game for MSX TurboR computers. Or what about the Franky and NeoTron boards, both MSX extensions with hardware from other game consoles. Where Franky has a Sega VDP, the NeoTron houses the Neogeo Ym2610 OPN sound chip. The MIDI-PAC2, on the other hand, translates PSG and MSX-Music (OPLL, FM-PAC) data to MIDI data on the fly.

Then you have the Playsoniq, and the Darky extensions. The PlaySoniq is packed with features like a Sega VDP, SCC/SCC-I sound chips, PSG rerouting over the internal SCC, the Commodore 64 SID audio processor, 16 Mega Bytes of RAM with various configurable MSX and Sega memory modes.

Supersoniqs' most anticipated new device called Darky is an extraordinaire soundcard extension. It houses two enhanced PSG chips (YM8930) that output six channels through two stereo mixers plus a programmable effect processor. All that in just one box. Just hear the thing in action on ToughkidCST YouTube channel.

The company announced new batches of their hardware just recently, which are now being produced. With the MSXdev22 going all out, perhaps the Supersoniqs hardware can help to create that unique new MSX game in the compo next year.

For more new information and (pre)ordering please visit the Supersoniqs webshop.

relevant link: Supersoniqs product shop

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By ro

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21-07-2021, 12:56

I'd love to see that Darky getting some traction... time to update some trackers Smile

By ToriHino

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21-07-2021, 17:24

Maybe good to also add Darky support to RoboPlay Smile , there are quite a number of DualPSG songs out there (although there are more ways to get dual PSG already, and they obvious don't make use of the addtional features).

By karloch

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27-07-2021, 11:40

As a MT-32 and SC-55 owner, MIDI-PAC is one of my favorites pieces of hardware. Appart from PSG to MIDI mapping, what are the differences with v1 (that I already own).


Paladin (864)

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30-07-2021, 20:18

karloch wrote:

As a MT-32 and SC-55 owner, MIDI-PAC is one of my favorites pieces of hardware. Appart from PSG to MIDI mapping, what are the differences with v1 (that I already own).

The v2 has a upgraded conversion/translation which gives a more appropriate sound with less hick-ups. Also more settings, default MIDI reset and sounds to map tones to in case you want to make your own configuration.

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