Padial Evolucion4 V2

by Unregistered user on 14-07-2003, 21:19
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial Electronics has finished a new version of its 32 bit slotexpander Evolucion4 (EV4).

The EV4 can be used as a regular slotexpander for MSX systems, or as the basis for the EMSX system designed by Padial. It has 4 primary/secondary slots and 2 I/O slots which are extended to 32 bit. MSX cartridges in their standard housing must either have it removed or be used in combination with e.g. a flatcable extension.

This newer version is 100% compatible with the old one, but includes a GSB-V1 slotgenerator on-board, making the system cheaper. Those who wish to use GSB-V2 or GSB-V3 (for externally replacing damaged system ROM/RAM!) can disable the built-in GSB with a jumper.

Relevant link: Leonardo Padial Electronics