Obsonet and Denyonet BIOS updated

by konamiman on 26-05-2011, 11:43
Topic: Hardware

While testing the Denyonet card at Sunrise' home, a bug in its BIOS was found that caused some computers to hang as soon as the floppy disk drive was accessed (the bug was reproduced on Philips MSX2 machines but not on Turbo-R machines). As MRC user caro has pointed out, the Obsonet BIOS had the same problem. Konamiman solved this bug, which turned out to be an improper hook initialization, and has published updated versions of these BIOS on his page. The new BIOS files available are:

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX page

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By caro

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26-05-2011, 13:45


By edoz

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27-05-2011, 20:22

It sounds good the hear that you are testing Wink .. Is there already any new when Denyonet will be available ?

By sd_snatcher

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28-05-2011, 18:45

Thanks Again, Konamiman! I hope I can get my hands on a ObsoNet2 soon!

By caro

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15-06-2011, 13:51

Unfortunately in BIOS 1.2 for ObsoNET there is a error, which does not give an opportunity to work with INL 2.0.

By o.geerdink

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26-05-2015, 11:01

I have obsonet 2, does this apply for me?