MIDI-PAC on sale at Nijmegen!

by Sander on 10-01-2011, 23:11
Topic: Hardware

Sometimes dreams come true, and this time is the announcement that the MIDI-PAC will start selling at the next Nijmegen fair. Cloaked in a little cartridge this device holds three processing units, with the main one running at eight times the speed of your z80. It does only one thing: real-time conversion of OPLL data to MIDI commands. Fitted with a small connector that connects to a full MIDI out cable (included) you can hook up this neat little friend to your favorite MIDI equipment or even to your pc (with a cable that can be bought on ebay for $10). In two weeks MSX Nijmegen fair visitors can start enjoying their favorite MSX Music games in new ways or record all their favorite song data for some serious remixing! Sale price has been set to 60 euro. For that money you get the cartridge, box and MIDI connector cable. The manual will be distributed online through the WORP3 website shortly. Worldwide distribution will follow after the Nijmegen fair.

If you can barely wait: SuperSoniqs posted a few links to new recordings on the SuperSoniqs website.

Relevant link: SuperSoniqs

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By msxholder

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12-01-2011, 00:31

Want to have 1 !

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1788)

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13-01-2011, 20:46

Sounds good, gimme! Will also be very helpful in making music arrangements of MSX games!

By msxlegend

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15-01-2011, 20:46

Very good job. Happy to see a new production in 2011 Happy new years


Paladin (864)

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21-01-2011, 00:12

Finally after a lot of late hour evenings the first batch of MIDI-PAC's are ready !
Cartridge and cable are packing within a nice full color printed box Big smile

By Kanarie

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22-09-2011, 22:42

Are there any left? I would definitely like to order one!


Paladin (864)

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23-09-2011, 00:04

Our stock is still up and running and is constantly filled with new MIDI-PAC batches Wink
You can order them as normally at the Supersoniqs website or visit us at Nijmegen fair 2012