Exciting news

by Bart on 31-07-2000, 09:59
Topic: Hardware

Agony informed the MSX mailinglist that a Japanese company called Prime Technology Co. Ltd. has 10,000 (ten thousand) Yamaha YM2413 chips and 19,000 Yamaha V9958 chips in stock. To refresh your memory: the YM2413 was used in the FM-PAC made by Panasonic and all clones like the FM-PAK. The V9958 chip was used as the videoprocessor in MSX 2+ computers and clubs here in Holland used the chip to `transform` MSX2 machines into MSX2+. The costs? V9958 $6.60 incl. shipment to the US. YM2413 $14.50 incl. shipment to the US. We need a dutch club who is willing to order a few so that we can minimize the shipment costs! (count me in for one chip then ;-)

Homepage and address of Primete:

Prime Technology Co. Ltd.
Musashi-kosugi STM Bldg.6F 1-403
Kosugi-cho,Nakahara-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
211-0063 Japan