Ademir creates MEGA-IDE

by Bart on 27-01-2002, 14:07
Topic: Hardware

Ademir has created a MEGA-IDE cartridge which is a:

  • Memory Mapper (up to 4 MB)
  • Slot Expander
  • SCC/SCC+
  • ATA-IDE interface (including MSX-DOS2)
  • Disk controller

all in one cartridge.The price of this great cartridge is about $400,- which is ofcourse very affordable for a cartridge with this many features!A complete detailed description and the possibility to buy can be found here: Carchano Importação Exportação Ltda

Comments (2)

By elements

Master (179)

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23-01-2005, 15:18

never seen this item from ademir......

By Whizzy

Master (213)

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23-01-2005, 23:14

Ver impressive but still quite expensive... good things come at a cost..