Tilburg 2001 news

by Bart on 30-03-2001, 10:44
Topic: Events

This message was originally in Dutch, thanks to Patriek Lesparre for translating it into English:The Tilburg 2001 fair organisers wrote:

  • ''We have again succeeded, and are proud to announce that at least 3 prominent people from Japan will attend the International Computermeeting on coming april 21th.This delegation will, among maybe others, consist of:Nishi Kazuhiko, vice-president Ascii, designer of the MSXTsujikawa Kazuhiro, the designer of the one-chip MSX prototype.Yokoi Hidekatsu (alias NASU) Yokoi is the driving force behind the MSX Revival Project. They’ll have a booth under the name FRONTLINE and besides that there will be a lecture by mr. Nishi. The lecture starts at 13.00 hours in the same building as the meeting.It’s unknown what this lecture will exactly be about, but it will most likely concern computers in general and especially MSX. It's also most likely some of the plans for the new MSX will be announced.Moreover, they will invite a select group of people to talk with them about the future of MSX on sundag april 22th. Yokoi is planning to give an explanation of the MSX Revival Project the day after the Tilburg meeting.Contrary to Nishi's explanation, Yokoi's will probably contain all sorts of technical details about the new MSX.This discussion meeting starts at around 11.00 hours, and will last until late in the afternoon if necessary.''

If you want to know more about this please attend the MSX Fair in Tilburg.We at www.msx.org - the MSX resource center will keep you updated! Expect more information on this story on april 22nd!