MSX World 2005 fair report collection at Gigamix pt. 2

by Bart on 10-05-2005, 22:20
Topic: Events

Source: Gigamix Online

Yesterday we already posted about the MSX World 2005 report link-collection at Gigamix. At that time ten reports had been linked from Gigamix. Just one day later nf_ban added 23(!) more links to MSX World 2005 fair reports. A quick glance:

Though most of the reports are on personal blogs and not very thorough, some nice photo's and information can be found in the reports.

Relevant link: Gigamix Online

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By Latok

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10-05-2005, 23:32

How times can change, huh Smile Just a few years ago, we would all stand on our heads with any MSX attention in the media. Now, it almost seems normal Smile

I often wonder though, to be honest. Which days are better? Maybe this old sod just likes a computersystem which tries to hang on in its existence. Maybe it's all romanticism I'm after....The popular MSX gets, the less it gets its grip on me? Just thinking, just thinking, nothing serious Wink Don't believe the truth Smile

By Latok

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10-05-2005, 23:36

Latok, you've been drinking.

By Sonic_aka_T

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11-05-2005, 03:15


By [D-Tail]

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12-05-2005, 01:07