MSX Info Update 2007

by NYYRIKKI on 19-07-2007, 23:05
Topic: Events

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Helsinki on September the 15th 2007, you'll be pleased to know that the fourth edition of MSX Info Update will be held in this capital of Finland. As always, it's organized by NYYRIKKI, the master of code obfuscation and scary pokes.

Scheduled events are a demonstration of Prodatron's SymbOS in combination with the recently produced MP3 player, sales of a new MSX T-Shirt and release of games. Naturally there're more events than these, such as watching demos and landing the world's smallest remote-controlled helicopter.

For further details regarding the partyplace and events, consult the MSX Info Update 2007 website.

Relevant link: MSX Info Update 2007 website

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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9892)

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19-07-2007, 23:12

couldn't resist Tongue

By Prodatron

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25-07-2007, 02:53

@Wolf: This picture is the only reason why I will travel to Helsinki this year LOL! Tongue Running Naked in a Field of Flowers