MSX Fair Nijmegen 2008 announced

by MSX Resource Center on 24-08-2007, 10:34
Topic: Events

The organization of the Nijmegen fair has informed us that Wijkcentrum Hatert has been reserved for January 19th, 2008. The fair will be on the usual spot and will have the usual features. The web site will be updated soon and registration will start a few months before the fair. Mark the date into your agendas!

Relevant link: Nijmegen fair website (updated!)

Comments (5)

By Prodatron

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27-08-2007, 18:13

Registration didn't started yet, but I can already say, that I will be there again Tongue

By FiXato

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27-08-2007, 22:17

usual features include post-fair dinner?

anyway I'll do my best to attend Wink

By Manuel

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27-08-2007, 23:14

Of course! See the site.

By [D-Tail]

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28-08-2007, 15:50

Manuel, minor D-Tail: "Welkom op de homepage van de tweede MSX beurs in Nijmegen", where this is going to be the third already!

By Manuel

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28-08-2007, 20:51

Oops, fixed Smile