MSX fair Groningen 2007?

by snout on 09-03-2006, 16:48
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MSX Club Groningen are currently investigating the possibility of holding a large, international MSX and Retro fair in Groningen, The Netherlands. The goal is to create an unforgettable day in a fair location the size of the classic Tilburg and Zandvoort fairs, with a similar atmosphere. During their next MSX user meeting, to be held in Wijkcentrum de Karre on March 19th, visitors of the meeting can join a discussion on the plans, options and difficulties concerning the organization of the fair. More information can be found, in Dutch, on the MSX Club Groningen website.

Relevant link: MSX Club Groningen

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By Grauw

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11-03-2006, 23:34

Yes, please do this! Smile

We’re one fair short now ^_^.

By snout

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12-03-2006, 20:52

Thanks! Perhaps it's best to give a bit of a general idea on what the plans are so far...

The location we have in mind is probably exactly the same size as the Pellikaanhal in Zandvoort. This is seriously huge. Luckily Groningen isn't a very expensive city (and parking in the region of the fair is even free), and we even found a place where we can obtain those traditional market-booths at a fair price. Although things are far from cheap, getting a hall this size full of MSX/retro action is the real challenge.

The idea is to use part of the space for seats and a large screen where presentations/lectures can be held. Although nothing is confirmed at the moment, the idea is to invite several people from around the world - including Japan - in order to hold a lecture/presentation. Although this consumes quite a lot of space, there still is an amazing amount of space left for booths, which we hope to be able to fill with (mainly) MSX, (second) retro and related booths. In short, those are the plans. Planned dates are April 21st or 28th, 2007.

Working ahead on the MSXCG discussions of next week: what are your ideas on a fair like this? Would you come over as a visitor (or even register a booth) if we were to go on with it all?

By sunrise

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21-03-2006, 20:59

It is in my opinion necessary that discussion starts.
I mailed with Wolf this afternoon and exchanged some ideas s regards possible people who will take a booth and what may can occur on its way to the event.
The main subject is the content that will lead on that day to the launch of quite a lot of new products both hardware and software.
But in order to achieve that it is necessary that people start programming and develop. A

By sunrise

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21-03-2006, 21:14

I was a little bit mailing with Wolf in the afternoon.
As regards me remove ?. It is time for action !. But in order to make it a bright new International Fair we need content.
People in general hesitate to launch their software and or hardware. If people have problems with getting e.g. labels , want a very nice printed CD please mail me. Also for spareparts difficult to get, e.g. the private project of legacy as regards the mp3 player connection.
Guys you are welcome. From my point of view Japanese as well as Spanish people with a booth are most welcome and necessary.
So let's welcome them. Publication magazines as CALL MSX and MWW should give attention to it provided the organazation will cooperate intensivly.
It stands to reason that sunrise will bring new stuff. I am working already on several ideas that are realistic to assure that it can be ready that day.
Follow Wolf, me and the organazation !

By Jorito

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24-03-2006, 20:56

Good to hear some enthusiasm here! Maybe a forum topic is in order to brainstorm a bit about the fair and to get ideas on how to fill a big hall with lots of MSX booths, visitors and products?

By Meits

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09-03-2014, 20:51

Any news yet? Hannibal

By Latok

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10-03-2014, 00:12

It was a great success!