MSX Fair Bussum - more info

by Sander on 18-09-2002, 11:13
Topic: Events

I just recieved extra information about this upcoming fair that will be held on Saturday 5 October 2002 in Bussum, the Netherlands.Known booth holders until now:WWW.MSX.ORG

  • Selling MSX and console hardware and software.
  • MSX QUIZ with great prizes to win.
  • Website promotion.and probably more..

Sunrise foundationMSX Info magazine

  • Promotion of magazine, Padial hardware, secondhand hardware, cables for MSX, software.

Team Bomba & TWZ

  • Promotion Bombaman and TeddyWarez products

OpenMSX team

  • Demonstration latest OpenMSX and a bootable auto-config linux cd with their emulator so that non-Linux users can try their emulator also

MSX Club `de Amsterdammer`

  • Selling DD discs

Louis Bruinewoud

  • Demonstration MSX controlled train model track.


  • Demonstration and sales of XAK1 english, and other Deltasoft titles.
  • Sales of original MSX software.


  • Demonstration of their MSX network

There will again be a lot of activities this year, with a knowledge test of MSX music pieces held by the organisation, game competition, drawing competition, anime movies on screen and probably a lot more.People who want to attend the MSX Marathon are asked to bring their musical instruments with them, for a jam session in the evening.