MSX Fair Bussum 2002 photo`s online

by Sander on 06-10-2002, 01:44
Topic: Events

Bussum 2002 is over. It's too late already in this timezone, but we didn't want you to miss out the photo's. Check out the photo report. We add more info later.

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By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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06-10-2002, 11:47

hehe. Great work Sander. Love the pix Smile

By Samor

Prophet (2147)

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06-10-2002, 17:47

That was playing Mopi Ranger. Not Usas Wink

By snout

Ascended (15187)

snout's picture

06-10-2002, 17:58

LOL.. we played both Mopi Ranger AND Usas at the stand to test some things. This could have been the Mopi Ranger test Wink

By Samor

Prophet (2147)

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06-10-2002, 18:16

That was Mopi. to test a few joysticks I bought Wink

By FiXato

Scribe (1734)

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06-10-2002, 23:32

Bussum Rocked!
Livereport can be found here:

By Hydragon

Paladin (718)

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07-10-2002, 15:02