MSX Event: Sunrise activities

by wolf_ on 20-06-2008, 21:37
Topic: Events

Sunrise has supplied us with last-minute information regarding their activities tomorrow on TNI's MSX Event. Apart from the regular hardware, such as the MSX MP3 Player, USB GameReader and Graphics9000, they have the following software on sale:

  • Caos Begins €20
  • Manbow 2 €27,50
  • Majikazo €20
  • Operation Wolf €20
  • Traffic Jam €20

Sunrise also treats us with a special bonus: an MSX DOEDAG DVD. This MSX DOEDAG was the biggest MSX fair ever, in cooperation with Wammes Witkop. This event took place twenty years ago and is thus filled with unique nostalgia! Buyers of any Sunrise product will get this DVD for free, as long as the stock lasts, otherwise the DVD will be sent to you afterwards.

Relevant link: Sunrise
Relevant link: MSX Event

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By Vincent van Dam

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20-06-2008, 21:47

Cool, I still remember visiting the 'MSX Doe Dag' in The Hague with my dad. I think it was just before Philips decided to quit producing MSX hardware.

By Repair-Bas

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21-06-2008, 15:04

I was there too. The first demonstration of parodius.