Cruising with MSX computers.

Cruising with MSX computers.

by hamlet on 13-01-2019, 11:39
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A MSX party starts at the ship Silja Symphony on March 2019.
Every MSX guy/gal onboard!
Go on a ship ride with fellow MSX hobbyists, take MSX machines with you and enjoy retro computers, good food, drink, sauna and other ship's niceties.

A meeting room is booked for eight hours where you can set-up our computers, play games and also give presentations about cool MSX stuff. As you probably know visitors make the event.
There will be also a fleamarket table where you can bring some MSX or other retro stuff for sale and a games competition. Be curious!

The price of the trip includes a cabin slot from a shared four person cabin, lot of food, sauna/spa and the meeting room.
Departure from Helsinki is Tuesday 12.3.2019 at 16:45.
You will be sailing to Stockholm and back, but will not get off the ship at Stockholm because there is a MSX meeting at the same time.
Arrival back to Helsinki on Thursday 14.3.2019 about 10:00.

Relevant link:
The cruising website

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  • Cruising with MSX computers.
  • Cruising with MSX computers.
  • Cruising with MSX computers.
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Comments (4)

By hamlet

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13-01-2019, 12:51

Ahhh! I wish I could join captains dinner!

By Edevaldo

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15-01-2019, 00:01

And and always thought there was nothing that could convince me to go for a cruise...

By MsxKun

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29-01-2019, 21:05

Meh, people, don't do that...
Do you realize that, if something goes wrong and the ship sinks, all those MSX are going to be lost under water?? Sad

I can imagine future treasure hunters searching the area for those MSX/cartriges... Evil

By o.geerdink

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30-01-2019, 15:53

reminds me of this