Calamar Group on Madrid MSX Meeting

by Unregistered user on 25-02-2003, 22:37
Topic: Events

Calamar Group let us know they will take part in the MadriSX meeting. They will be selling many new MSX products like PSX2MSX, PSX joypads adapted to MSX, RGB cables, FDD cables and adapted Nintendo gamepads. Also, a new sensational game, the MSX Hot Numbers Special Edition, by MSXKun will be released.

Due to the massive interest on the PSX2MSX, Calamar has decided to offer promotional packs so that you can get some discounts. A list of the prices can be found in our forum. If you want to aquire or reserve any of these packs, please send us an email to because there are few units left.

The MadriSX meeting will be held at March 8th, in Centro Cultoral El Greco in Madrid. Besides Calamar Group there will be stands from Martos, Desgalixtat MSX, MSX Power Replay, MSX Resource Center, IVI & Sapphire soft and Sunrise for MSX. More groups (like Hnostar) still have to confirm their presence. More information on MardiSX can be found here