Bitwise announces Bussum '07 content

by wolf_ on 05-10-2007, 10:56
Topic: Events

Dutch software distributor Bitwise has announced her content for the MSX fair in Bussum, which will take place tomorrow, October the 6th. On this fair, Bitwise will be releasing five Shockware titles, games on real cartridges. We already reported about four of them, namely:

  • Beepertron
  • Magical Stones
  • Sudoku
  • Phantomas Saga Infinity

New and previously unannounced is the game Jungle Hunt from the Brazilian Icon Games. This game has not been released by Matra yet and, unlike the previous four titles, cannot be downloaded freely on the net. All Shockware titles cost €14,50. For that sum you get the game on a ROM (official size, as defined by ASCII), a manual and a box, all wrapped in plastic, or "Laura Palmer sealed" as Matra keeps promoting!

Relevant link: Bitwise